how to fix grayed out wifi on the iphone [UPDATED iOS 7.0.4]

this guide is tested and working on ios 7.04
for this guide to work you will need to jailbreak your device first! 

at the moment you can only jailbreak devices on 6.1.2 or 7.04 , so if you were lucky enough to still be on 6.1.2, you can use evasi0n jailbreak directly , otherwise you will have to update your device to 7.04 first

[NOTE] it's recommended that you restore your iphone first to 7.0.4 IF YOU HAVE UPDATED TO 7.0.4 ON AIR(skip this step if you updated using itunes)

1- Download 7.0.4 -
2- connect your phone to the computer, open itunes , select your phone from the sidebar.
3- hold the shift key and then click on restore iphone.

4- download evasion jailbreak from Here.
5- open the file and follow the instructions.
6- enable cellular data on your phone (we need around 3 megabytes only)
7- open cydia on your device , it might ask to download updates , just download essentials 8- search for afc2add and open SSH and install them.
9- download macx4 mac address fixer from here.
9- download ispirit from Here
10- connect your iphone and select app manage tab.

11- now click on install deb and choose the .deb file you just downloaded. 
     if you get the message "fail to connect your device by port 22,please make sure port 22 is not used by other programs" then try restarting your phone and ispirit.

12- restart cydia , download updates(you will find an update for macfixer , install it!)
and then restart your device

                       Now you should be having a working wifi!

Note : if this guide didn't work for you then try the hairdryer method , and then reset your phone.

Heat the places with arrows on them only for about 3-4 minutes (don't over do it) or till you get the message ''the phone is too hot .........". and then turn off your phone and let it cool for 5 minutes in the fridge.

NOTE : make sure to only heat the specified parts and constantly check your phone to see if you got the message described above.