[KuaiYong] How to install cracked ios apps and sync your phone with any computer without jailbreaking

this tutorial works on any ios device "jailbroken or not" , Update : fully tested and working on iOS 7

Warning : don't sync your apps with itunes , as all apps installed by KuaiYong will be deleted.

things you gonna need :

1- any iOS device with iOS 4 or higher .
2- KuaiYong from HERE .

unfortunatly at the moment kuaiyong only supports windows and it's in chinese ,an english version is said to be released soon though ! check their website HERE.

so after downloading KuaiYong , 

1- launch the setup file .

2- after the setup finishes launch the app using the shortcut on 
    your desktop.
3-now simply connect your device , goto the store and download apps.
4-to add files to your device just open file explorer.
you can aslo install KuaiYong on your phone 
if apps close immediately when you open them, or ask for your apple id and password 
1- connect your device to the computer,
2- click on the wrench icon 'settings tab' and then 

[Note] opening the app store might cause this problem to occur , so make sure you do this step every time you open it!
Update: alternatively you can do this step using 'KuaiYong' app on your phone.

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