How to make a bootable MS-DOS thumb drive with full NTFS support (read\write)

Things you will need first :

* Steps to create MS-DOS Bootable thumb drive :

1- Extract the files.
2- Run HP Format tool (Run As Administrator if you are using Windows Vista or later).

1- Choose your flash drive.
2- Choose Fat32.
3- Check Create a Dos startup disk option.
4- Choose the extracted windows 98 system boot files Folder.

5- Press START . WARNING ! All files on that flash drive will be removed so make sure
    you backup all your data before formating.
6- Extract NTFS.rar and copy all the extracted files to your thumb drive.
7- and now your flash drive should be something similar to this :

8- Now restart your computer and Enter Bios setup and change boot priorities to boot  
    from your flash drive.
9- Now you have successfully created an MS-DOS Bootable thumb drive with full NTFS 

the included package has some really useful tools besides Ntfs support and here is a breif description of each tool.

1- deltree.exe Short for delete tree, deltree is a command used to delete files and  x
    directories permanently from the computer.
2- Sleep.bat   (Programmed by Abd EL Rahman Tala'at ) Delay execution for 1 second.
3- Readln.exe (Programmed by Ralph B Smith Jr) an equivalent to set /p commands on
    windows 2000 or later. How to use the tool [?]
4- Xcopy.exe Xcopy is a powerful version of the copy command with additional features,
    has the capability of moving files, directories, and even whole drives from one location
    to another.
5- Move.exe Allows you to move files or directories from one folder to another, or from  
    one drive to another.
6- Attrib.exe Attrib allows a user to change the properties of a specified file. Using 
    attrib, the user has the capability of changing the file to have any of the below    
7- doskey.com Doskey is a MS-DOS utility that allows a user to keep a history of commands
    used on the computer. This allows frequently used commands to be used without
    having to type the commands in each time you need to use it. 
8- EDIT.COM MS allows a user to view, create, or modify their computer files.
9- [UPDATE] ReadKey waits for input, one character is read (no ENTER is needed) and it is
    placed in the environment variable (Programmed by Ralph B Smith Jr). How to use the  tool [?]

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  2. Very very useful tool !!

    GOOD JOB Abdelrahman :))


  4. is that work with sysmten ghost.exe ? i want ISO or GHO file in USB

  5. The 3rd Link doesn't work
    plz re upload it on mediafire if u can :)

  6. i have just checked the link and it works please check it again now

  7. You appear to be instructing us to make a Windows 98 USB boot disc and copy the files from the NTFSDOS boot disc onto it, even though that means overwriting config.sys and autoexec.bat. Surely this must be a mistake because, as far as I know, ntfspro.exe is not a DOS program and it only works with the special operating system on the NTFSDOS boot disc whose kernel is ntoskernl.gz

  8. Thank for your sharing. May I ask any tools for compression in MS-DOS?

  9. it doesn't work for me! as you showed in picture (8 section) , it says "no NTFS drive mounted" !! and i can't access to my NTFS drives!

  10. Ur adf.ly link apperas to be not working. The link only works while using the proxy. Links are

    Thanx it's working perfect. But I can't use attrib commands outside the root folder. Is there any way to do this?

    1. glad i helped , the links works fine for me :D, may i know where do you live ?,

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  13. The cd you need is on www.ntfsdosboot.weebly.com

  14. Excellent... Working 100%. Thanks a lot